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Friday, March 26, 2010


1.According to the National Bank of Cambodia (23/12/2009), FDI to Cambodia dropped by 35.2% to about US$520 million.

2.FDI in 2010 is predicted to recover slowly & improved over last year but might not reached levels seen in 2007 or 2008.

3.Agriculture & Food processing has been widely predicted to grow in 2010. Tourism will also see more investment.

4.Approved investment projects also took a large hit in 2009, dropping 46% from 2008 to 2009, reaching only US$5.9 billion

5.Aside from agro-processing, several infrastructure projects,
Inflow of FDI into Cambodia in 2009 are mainly from:
1.China 2.South Korea 3.Singapore 4.Malaysia 5.Thailand 6.Vietnam 7.France & 8.United States
Chinese FDI in Cambodia for the first 3Qs of 2008 amounts to US$140.5 million. In 2009, it was US$ 339 million.
* Source from: Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC).

~ Check some local news:

1- Rasmei Kampuchea Daily: March 11, 2010

including hydropower, dams, & transmission lines are predicted to draw more FDI to Cambodia.

-    Chinese Investment Company shows its impression in investing in road and bridge sector in Cambodia. During the meeting with Samdech Hun Sen on 8 March, Mr. Sun Ziyu, director of China Habour Engineering Co, shows his impression in investing in road/bridge sector especially all infrastructures and he already discussed this issue with H.E Lim Kean Hor, Minister of Water Resource and Meteorology. Additionally, he also visited Tonle Sap Region in order to get aware of Cambodian irrigation system. He clarified he will send experts to conduct a feasible study to contribute in Cambodia’s development. Samdech Hun Sen warmly welcomes this investment and he said Cambodia is in need of infrastructure which is one part of priorities of the government. Samdech also advise this company to continue discussing with H.E Lim Kean Hor to find out a priority project for more researches. Samdech said Cambodia still require around 1,000 - kilometer road.

2- Rasmei Kampuchea Daily: March 12, 2010

Sudan Intends to Expand Cooperation with Cambodia in Agriculture and Investment Sector. Samdech Hun Sen allows the meeting with Mr. Aliahmet Karti Mohamed, Vice-Minister of Sudan Foreign Affairs Ministry and an Envoy of Sudan President on 11 March at the National Assembly Palace. According to Mr. Eang Sophallet, Personal Assistant to Samdech Hun Sen, Mr. Aliahmet told Samdech that he would like to congratulate Cambodian government under the leadership of Samdech Hun Sen who bring Cambodia with peace and development. Also, Cambodia has sent experts to remove mines to assist Sudan which is a part of humanity affairs. He said his visit is to express his gratitude to Cambodian government and to strengthen cooperation with Cambodia especially in agriculture and investment sector. In response, Samdech said Cambodia so far used to export rice to Sudan; therefore, we will be able to further strengthen cooperation on this agriculture sector.

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